10 Lucky Plants that bring good luck and wealth

Plants! Those Green friends, that charm up our neighborhoods, freshen up our moods, brighten up our day, purifies filthy air, and nature’s best decoratives. We all know that everything that is natural on this Earth, have a specific manual of how they need to react, grow, bloom, and be helpful to living beings. So, come, let us all revise a bunch of plants and their best quality, to which we can look on.

Below is a list of Green friends or rather 10 lucky plants, whom we have met in our lives, but after this blog, our perspective towards their importance would surely change.

1. Pachira Money Tree

One of the most found plants, is this one. We can easily locate this green gem in parks, lawns, and in almost every surrounding. Known for being one of the plants that bring good luck, the greenery on the other side would surely charge you up with great energy.

2. Lucky Bamboo

Another one on the list has to be a bamboo plant. This plant is not just lucky but also unique. In Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is considered as the savior of bad and evil vibes. Lucky bamboo plants need no soil to grow, you just need to put them in a beautiful, transparent vase with an adequate amount of water.

3. Money Plant

Another famous one, among the good luck plant names, is this green climber. Money plant work both ways, i.e., plant it in proper soil and water it regularly or use an old glass bottle and let it enjoy the water company. A myth related to money plant says that it flourishes best when planted after one has stolen, one of the existing climber branches.

4. Palm Plant

The most serene, big, and decor worthy plants have to be palms. And the best place to keep this would be a place from where everyone enters the house, i.e., from your house entrance. Palms make one of the best good luck plants for front door decor and is always welcoming your guests, happiness, luck, with freshness.

5. Snake Plant

Do not go misunderstand this plant by its name. Though in Feng shui, it is a bad plant but what we miss is the positive side of it. When placed in a secluded corner of living space or workplace, this plant would work, just right. Also, this can be one of the good luck plants for business purposes.

6. Potted Orchids

Count this as one of the good luck flowers for home. This plant is known for its magical power of being an Angel for someone who is looking for a life partner. Place this in your arena, and nurture it with love and faith, and we bet the result would be positive.

7. Jade Plant

Known as the door of success and prosperity, this plant would surely take you back to all your hard work, you did. Also, this is the best gift to be given to someone who owns a business, no matter big or small. Jade can also be compared to a magnet as it attracts wealth and all that success you deserve.

8. Peace Lily

Another flowering plant with the power and color of serenity, calmness, and peace. This plant can grow well, even in artificial light and needs to be watered once a week only. This plant comes with a low-maintenance policy which makes it a perfect pick for your homes and office spaces.

9. Rubber Plant

This plant has a flexible placing problem, as you can place it in any corner of your house or office, and it would prove beneficial, in all ways. The round-shaped leaves of this plant are compared to money, in Feng Shui and making it a lucky and wealth bringing plant, for anyone.

10. Tulsi Plant

Well, we guess that there is not much to be said about this plant, especially in Asain countries as we all are very much aware of the holiness of the plant. Tulsi leaves when added in stews, teas, and another food item, not just make the taste richer but also acts as ayurvedic medicine.

All these plants are surrounding us but till now we were not aware of what their actual significance is. So now that you know, brace yourself and your surroundings with these pretty green friends, that will never ditch you.

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